How It Works

Our Procurement Business Process

Send us your order information

We're confident in our ability to source quality products for your business and ease your payment concerns, thanks to our extensive network of agents and supplier partners throughout Africa.

We negotiate and verify the supplier

To mitigate the growing risk of fraud in import and export transactions, we offer supplier verification and negotiation services to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to fake companies or fraudulent export partners.

Make Deposit at your preferred currency

We make it easy for you to pay in your preferred currency by handling the rest through our registered exchange companies and using our FX earnings from agro-allied customers.

Get necessary documentation and delivery timeline

You will receive the procurement document and an estimated delivery timeline for your order.

Your shipment is made

Our dedicated shipping service line takes care of all the logistics involved in delivering your goods and fulfilling your orders, so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.

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